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What's new in Firefox 3.6

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We just got upgraded to Mozilla Firefox 3.6 with some more remarkable features . Spread Firefox Affiliate Button

The new personas themes allows you to stylize the browser as per your taste in no time there are  thousands of personas available , Once you install firefox 3.6 try visiting and just hover  your mouse on the theme thumbnail.And just wear your style in seconds after a preview.

The browsers also keeps you safe from outdated plugins. There are a lot of other features like video display in full screen for Open/ Native  formats , improvised browser responsiveness  etc  , we were already delighted to see the speed at which the earlier 3.5 [read old article] version loaded compared to the others.

Secondly, there would be an element of joy for the developers who have been putting substantial effort to bring up open video formats which were otherwise dominated by Proprietary technologies, coming with or without of limitations, licenses, patents or an attached fee.

Visit  firefox 3.6 release notes


Last Updated (Wednesday, 10 February 2010 12:55)

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