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Safe work and NSFW

What is NSFW tag's as seen in, while uploading clipart file:

wikipedia says :Not suitable/safe for work (NSFW), not work-suitable/safe (NWS), or not school-suitable (NSS) is Internet slang or shorthand. Typically, the NSFW tag is used in E-mail, movies (such as on Youtube) and on interactive discussion areas (such as internet forums, blogs and community websites) to mark URLs or hyperlinks  which may be sexually explicit or include audio containing profanity, helping the reader avoid potentially objectionable content. For example, one may tag a URL as unsafe: (NSFW)

Or one could warn the user by altering the actual URL (Notice the xx in hxxp):



What's new in Firefox 3.6

Articles - Browsers

We just got upgraded to Mozilla Firefox 3.6 with some more remarkable features . Spread Firefox Affiliate Button

The new personas themes allows you to stylize the browser as per your taste in no time there are  thousands of personas available , Once you install firefox 3.6 try visiting and just hover  your mouse on the theme thumbnail.And just wear your style in seconds after a preview.

The browsers also keeps you safe from outdated plugins. There are a lot of other features like video display in full screen for Open/ Native  formats , improvised browser responsiveness  etc  , we were already delighted to see the speed at which the earlier 3.5 [read old article] version loaded compared to the others.

Secondly, there would be an element of joy for the developers who have been putting substantial effort to bring up open video formats which were otherwise dominated by Proprietary technologies, coming with or without of limitations, licenses, patents or an attached fee.

Visit  firefox 3.6 release notes


Last Updated (Wednesday, 10 February 2010 12:55)


Inkscape Preferences

Articles - Clipart, Icons and Images

After installing inkscape.0.47 if you have come across the error:

"C:\Documents and Settings\(profile)\Application Data\Inkscape\preferences.xml  not a valid XML file ", or you don't have permissions on it. Inkscape will run with default settings. New settings will not be saved ."

Last Updated (Monday, 11 January 2010 19:36)

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Inkscape 0.47 released

Articles - Clipart, Icons and Images

Even  after one month of its release  the delightment still stays. We have tested the Inkscape 0.47 version and  are finding it more wonderful every day , and there is so much stuff that is offered. The latest version offers a lot of new features like :

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Open Clipart Library

Articles - Clipart, Icons and Images provides lots of useful clipart that  for lots of applications like- designing your website,brochures,logo's or just jumpstart your thinking process in terms of graphic image generation. You can use a simple software like inkscape which is free and get a basic idea in less than 1 hour to use it by going through the tutorials.openclipart

If you are using Inkscape ,Sodipodi , or any opensource application, You can download the open clipart library from The collection is really huge and mind boggling .

What's new in openclipart ?
The library helps people to consolidate SVG images and  offers the images from a platform .During last 6 months the volume of users and the availbility of clipart in .SVG format has increased tremendously.

Last Updated (Monday, 11 January 2010 19:34)

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What is Domain Name Server (DNS)

Domain Names

The Domain Name System (DNS) servers maps or connects the domain names with the respective IP addresses of the hosts so that people don’t need to remember the IP addresses to browse the websites on the internet.

Most of the computers on the internet have an IP (internet protocol) address, which are a set of numbers like and might difficult to remember by the users. The domain name system DNS Allows familiar and meaningful sequence of letters or numbers, which can be easy to remember by users. The domain name can be resolved to the IP address it is mapped. To know more on this, click on below links.

Last Updated (Thursday, 26 November 2009 05:16)


What are Private domains ? / What is domain privacy ?

Articles - Domain Names

If you don’t wish to reveal your personal information (like your name, address, telephone e-mail etc.), that’s included in your domain name record and displayed in the whois database to the general public, in order to avoid spams and unsolicited communication, you can do so by opting for private domain registration with the registering company for an additional charge. For detailed information in this regard visit the following websites:

Last Updated (Monday, 11 January 2010 19:38)


Who is Whois ?

Articles - Domain Names

Whois is a database containing the personal information of all the registrants of domain names. The database is publicly available. You can check a domain name’s expiration date & ownership details etc. by visiting sites that offer the whois check facility, few are listed below:

To know more on whois click here

Last Updated (Monday, 11 January 2010 19:39)


Where can I buy / register a domain name ?

Domain Names

To register / buy a domain name, you simply have to go to any website offering domain registration service and after checking for the availability of the domain name, you can book the domain name by following the simple steps given in the respective site.Today there are thousands of  service providers offering you registration services. So, go ahead and find the one who offers the best prices and it’s quite better to register the domain for atleast 3-5 years if you are seriously thinking of hosting your own site.

Last Updated (Thursday, 26 November 2009 04:34)

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